Thursday, July 28, 2011

Catching up

Ok so it has been a really long time since I have posted any pictures so I thought I would post a bunch of some of the things we have been doing the past few months. Unfortunately most of the time we have gone to do fun things I have forgotten my camera. Anyway here are a few random ones. Here is a picture of Jones and his second grade teacher on the last day of school. He LOVED her!! He cried for two days about not having her as a teacher and was worried that he would never see her again, even though she lives just down the street. At first I thought it was cute that he was sad but by the end of the first day it was pretty annoying. She gave them all a DVD with pictures of things they had done throughout the year and he would watch it over and over. And now that school is a month away he is upset and doesn't want to go. Typical kid I guess.

Here is Jaimin and his Kindergarten teacher who he loved as well. He was pretty sad about not having her anymore but never cried about it. She was perfect for Jaimin, very patient and understanding. If only all teachers could be that way.

And of course soccer. Jones got put on this comp team back in October/November and has been loving it ever since. It surprised me how exciting their games have been, definitely not like the city leagues. I love seeing him play!

Jaimin turned 6!! I still can't believe it. Here he is with the gift Jones gave him. If you know Jaimin he is obsessed with Lego's. Anytime I would ask him what he wanted to do for his birthday he would respond by saying "I just want to follow the instructions on Lego's. So for his birthday he got lots of Lego's.

Here he is holding one of the smallest gifts. The funny thing is he had been begging all day to open that one because he knew it was the shape of one of the small Lego's he wanted.

For his birthday we went swimming (yes we forgot the camera), went out to lunch, went miniature golfing, another one of his favorite activities, and then came back home and has a small party and did fireworks. I have to say it was one of the best firework shows yet. The whole time we had been dealing with our grumpy neighbors turning on their sprinklers and coming out acting annoyed or saying stuff. Well it was time for the final fireworks which was one of the areal ones that are now legal. Well in the middle of them going off it tipped over and was aimed right for the two houses that had been jerks the whole night. Their front yards looked like a war zone. It was awesome!! Everyone clapped and laughed when it was over. All of the other neighbors that were out there with us told us that it had made their night. Of course the grumpy ones had to come out. One laughed about it and the other one just kept cursing.

The next few are pictures of the boys out in Grouse Creek. If you have never heard of it, it is a small town in the north west corner of Utah, kind of in the middle of nowhere. Anyway it is where my great grandparents lived my family has kept the house and has a lot of property out there. So many time during the summer my dad heads out there, this time he took my niece and nephew and Jones. Jaimin decided to go so Mark took him as well. While they were there my they rode 4 wheelers, horses, learned how to drive the old truck, and had bon fires. They had a ton of fun. My dad said they rode the 4 wheelers for hours. Jones now wants to live there.

So Mark made a last minute decision to take the boys up camping and fishing. And of course this is the only picture we got. I took it before they left and then Mark forgot to take the camera with him. They ended up taking one of my older my sisters and her kids and my little sister and her husband. They had so much fun they decided to leave all their stuff up in the mountains so that I could come back up with them the next night. I was thrilled, not! I just haven't been in the mood to camp lately. Not feeling good and sleeping in a tent just doesn't sound very relaxing to me. But I went anyway and ended up having fun. It is always fun to watch my boys have fun. So in the end I was glad I went.

The rest are just some random pictures of the boys having some fun this summer.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Well I finally decided to update my post but of course blogger won't allow me to upload any pictures at the moment. So hopefully later I will be able to get them done.
Anyway I thought I will still give a bit of an update of what has gone on with Jones since that last post. Well luckily that whole walking problem went away pretty quickly and he was back to being normal, thank heavens. But a month or so later I noticed that he has suddenly started to walk with his toes pointed in and it had become hard and painful for him to run. He could barely make it through a soccer game without walking/running like he was miserable. As you can imagine this freaked me out. So once again I took him to the doctor and without surprise she told me this was not normal. She looked at him at told me she thought he was flat footed and that he had a pronation and his tibia's were curving out. She referred me to two different doctors. One was a surgeon to determine weather or not it needed to be fixed through surgery or another doctor who was a specialist in dealing with this problem and said he would probably have to wear braces on his legs for awhile. So I decided to wait to go to a surgeon and just go to the other doctor. Well this new doctor looked him over and decided he wasn't flat footed but he did have a slight pronation and curved tibia's. She also said that it really wasn't a bad case and because it had just started and I noticed it early enough she thinks that if he wears some orthodics and does physical therapy it will be fixed within a year. Yay!! This was good news obviously. He has been wearing the inserts and doing exercises for about a month and it has already made a big difference. Hopefully it will be all taken care of and he will be back to normal soon.
Also while we were at his original doctor she was looking up some of his blood work and had noticed that when Jones had some blood work done back when he was sick and couldn't walk his white blood cell level had dropped to his lowest point. So every two weeks we have been going in for routine blood work to try and figure out what is going on. His levels have been going up but still not where they need to be. The doctor has been in touch with Primary Children's Hematology department and they don't seem too worried especially where he feels pretty good. So for now we will keep paying a ton of money for routine blood work just to be safe. Poor kid is always being poked, good thing it doesn't bother him to have it done.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Another Scare

Well we unfortunately had another health scare this week. On Sunday in the middle of our Superbowl party mt mom mentioned that Jones had another headache. On occasion he gets migraines but lately it seems like he has been getting them a lot more. I went to find Jones and he had locked himself in the toy room with the lights off and was laying down, so I did what I normally do when he gets migraines and a little bit later he said is wasn't as bad. Well that night when he went to go to bed he said "please pray for me mom I am very sick." I asked what was wrong and said he thought he was going to throw up which I of course thought was just from the migraine. Well a few hours later he came into my bed crying because he was so sick and he was burning up. At that point I knew it wasn't a migraine and it was more than likely the flu. So I let him sleep in and not go to school. All day he just laid in bed with a sick stomach, a headache, and a fever. Latter that day I went in to get his homework and the teacher who was sick herself informed me that she had 13 of her 25 students out sick and that almost half the school had checked out because they were sick. After 2 days of dealing with Jones being sick Jaimin became ill with a sore throat and a fever as well. So needless to say we have spent our whole week laying in bed being lazy. Well Jones seemed fine on Wednesday so we were sending him back to school the next day. When I went to get Jones out of bed Thursday morning, he made a comment about how his legs hurt really bad. So thinking it was just growing pains I helped him from the top bunk and set him down only for him to collapse and yell in pain. The poor kid had so much pain in his lower legs he couldn't walk or even touch them. We ended up giving him some meds and getting him in a warm bath and finally after an hour he was able to walk but not very easily. Because he had improved from when he woke up I still figured it was growing pains and because he wanted to go I took him to school. I decided to call him after he had been there for 2 hours and he told me that he was still having a lot of problems so we went and checked him out. The poor kid was still in so much pain he walked like he was crippled we ended up having to carry him around. At this point we were really freaked out I couldn't imagine what it could be and couldn't stand the thought of something really serious being wrong to where he couldn't walk. We called the doctor and they told us to get in immediately. The nurse also told me that I was the second person to call with this problem. We all were pretty nervous as to what it could especially because of all the illness that had been going around the school and because we have had some scares with Jones before. Anyway the doctor informed me that sometimes this can happen after having the flu. He told us to just wait a few days and see if it gets better and didn't seem too worried. He also told us of things to look out for, one being really dark urine. Well Jones heard that and told the doctor that it had been really dark. So they decide to take a urine sample and go from there. The results showed that he had way too much protein and that it was highly concentrated. So the doctor ordered some blood work to be done as well and said he would call us later with the results. And once again I was freaking out ( even though I told Jones that he was fine and there was nothing to worry about) and impatiently waited for the doctor to call. Finally after a few hours he called and told me that the blood work showed that his ck (creatine kinase) levels that should be below 300 were well over 1200 which meant it was an inflammation that goes into your calf muscles after having the flu or a few other things. Whew what a relief!! Now we just pray and hope it goes away on it's own without any complications. (crossing my fingers) Today he woke up and was still in a lot of pain and had a really hard time walking. But luckily it seems like it is getting better he does have a lot of pain medicine in him so we will see how he does when it wears off. Anyway I took a video of him a few hours after he woke up to give you an idea of how he has been walking and even in the video it is a ton better that it was all day yesterday.

Friday, February 4, 2011

And They Are Off

Well the newlyweds are officially off to Sweden where they will live for a few years. Ana and Jonathan got married on Friday the 28th at the Bountiful temple here in Utah. We are so happy for the both of them but will really miss them. Luckily his parents were able to come and stay for a few weeks so we could get to know them. I must say they are very nice people and it is good to know that Ana will be in good hands while living there.
Congrats to you both!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So I just signed up for the dirty dash and to be honest I am a bit nervous. I am just hoping that with it being in September it will give me plenty of time to get in shape, which is part of the reason I did it. I need some more motivation to get back into shape. Anyway I have heard it is a blast and my team should be pretty fun to do it with so I am excited. Jones has decided he wants to do the kids one, now we just need to convince Mark to do it with him.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Ok so I am a little behind on my blog but I have been pretty busy and to be honest my blog is at the bottom of my list of things to worry about. Anyway here are some pictures of our annual New Years Day sledding. I wasn't sure it was actually going to happen this year due to both Jaimin and me being in a boot and the lack of good snow. Anyway we decided to give it a try, it was fun for most everyone that went but way too icy for the two of us in boots. I actually think there was more ice that snow. Here is a picture of poor Jaimin trying to get back up the hill after going down, ya it didn't work so well.
So this is how he got up the rest of the time. It's a good thing that I never went down I don't think Mark would have been able to carry me up the hill too.

Jones with his snowboard. He is actually pretty good. I really need to take him up to the resorts so he can really get good at it.

Jones and Mark getting ready to go down the ice hill.

Jones and his cousin Max.

Jaimin and his cousin Haley. I think Jaimin went down maybe 2 times and decided it was too cold and not so much fun in a boot, so the both of us spent most of the time sitting in a warm car watching everyone.

Nice and warm.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas 2010

Here are some pictures of our Christmas 2010. This Christmas was a lot of fun, but also seemed to be really busy. It seems like every year it gets busier and busier even though I try and have all my shopping done earlier and earlier every year. The boys are both at the point where they really get excited for Christmas which makes it more exciting for us. Jaimin would pray at night that he would be able to open presents in how ever many days were left till the big day. I think they got everything they wanted. We spent most of the Christmas break building Lego's that Marks parents gave them, it;s amazing how long Lego's keep them entertained.
Here are two pictures of the boys while at my parents house on Christmas night. Jaimin was really excited about his remote control Iron Man and Jones loved his new night vision binoculars. He will definitely be putting those to use in the summer during night games.

The presents before the boys came in and destroyed it all.
Jaimin with his Lincoln logs and Jones with his Erector set (one of the 2 things he asked for).

Goggles for snowboarding.
Jones gave Jaimin a Harry Potter set that came with glasses and a wand. Jaimin is really into Harry Potter lately so he was thrilled with it.
Here is the other thing that both of them requested. I am not sure why they wanted them but all I heard them say they wanted was a ninja zhu zhu pet.
Here is Jaimin with his new golf set, he got a golf bag, clubs, Spongebob balls, and a putting green. He loves to golf.
Half way through opening presents. He had a smile on his face all morning.

And here is our early Christmas gift. My oldest sister had her baby boy Jace on December 21.
Here is a picture of Jones holding him, he just can't get enough of him. He keeps telling me that he wants to keep him.
There first picture as a new family.
Here is Jaimin holding him. He only seems interested when the baby is awake.

It is really weird for me to see Mark holding a dark baby boy, it brings back many memories of when my boys were little. It seems so long ago.
And this is how he is 90 percent of the time. He is adorable and such a calm little guy.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Well we took Jaimin back in on Monday to have more x-rays done. And he has a fractured growth plate and a crack in his heel, which is exactly what Jones did when he jumped off the stairs a few years ago. So it looks like 2 more weeks in his boot. Luckily he likes wearing it. Maybe one day they will learn to not jump off the stairs.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The story of my life

Last week I had to go in and have some tendons repaired, excess fluid drained, and excessive scare tissue removed from my ankle. This was something I had been dealing with for almost a year but the pain got to the point where I couldn't take it anymore so it was time to have it fixed. So this was something I had plenty of time to prepare for. What I didn't have time to plan for was another one of my kids jumping off the stairs. I don't know if you remember but a few years ago Jones jumped off the stairs and broke his heel and growth plate in his ankle. Anyway about a week ago Jaimin was over at his friends house and they were jumping off the stairs onto a bean bag. Well apparently he missed and landed on a cement floor. The neighbor said he cried for a very short time and just got up and kept playing so she figured he was fine. Well a few minutes later he said he needed to go home. When he got home he slowly walked in the door and said very calmly "mom I broke a bone I need to go to the hospital". Well he didn't act like he was in pain and he couldn't even tell me where he was hurt (If you know Jaimin at all you know he isn't one to explain things). Anyway I notice he was limping a little but didn't think much of it. Well a few minutes later his friend came over to play and he got up to play with him and could hardly walk or run, he would just fall down and say I don't know how to walk. After watching him for a few hours we decided to take him to the doctor just to play it safe. Well the Doctor took x-rays and said there is definitely something wrong and he at least needed to be in a splint but he wanted the x-ray technician to look over the x-rays. Apparently there was too much swelling to tell anything so they told us to come back in a few days if it was still bothering him and sent him home with nothing. After almost a week he was still walking funny so yesterday when I went to have my stitches taken out I asked my doctor his opinion of Jai and he examined it and said he should have never been sent home in a tennis shoe and that there was definitely some soft tissue damage at the least. Some now Jaimin and I are in matching boots and he gets to back in on Monday for more x-rays. As soon as they put the boot on he said "wow this feels better" and since then has told me that the boot makes it feel a lot better, he even slept in it. Poor kid it makes me feel bad that he was still in a lot of pain! Here is a picture of me the day I had surgery. Jones decided to put a boot on himself and make his own pain pump so he could be like me. Cute kid!
The other day Mark and I were cleaning out the storage room and kept hearing a quiet help from Jaimin. We just figured he needed help with the wii and we were in the middle of moving something so just kind of ignored it. Well the cry for help didn't stop (don't worry it was a matter of maybe 15 seconds, we didn't ignore him for very long ) so we went into the storage room to find him upside down on their gymnastic rings. Somehow he got his foot stuck in one and was just hanging there. It was hilarious even Jaimin kept laughing about it. Luckily he was fine and went right back to playing on them.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


So as the Holiday season is upon us, Mark and I have been talking about our favorite traditions. We have decide that we want to start some of our own traditions. The only problem is neither one of us can come up with anything that sounds really fun that everyone would enjoy. So I am asking all of you who read my blog (even if I have no idea who you are) to share some of you favorite traditions so that maybe we can come up with some fun ones. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!